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Collecting trips and expeditions

For me, collecting butterflies is very much about traveling the world. I have specimens from almost every place I ever visited. Some of these journeys are dedicated collecting trips, some are veritable expeditions deep into the rainforest or high in the mountains, others are family vacations, and some are short getaways from business travel. Here are a few field reports:

Expeditions/Sulawesi 2008/Sulawesi2008-08_small.jpeg
Sulawesi Utara and Sulawesi Tengah, 2008
Expeditions/Cameroon 2010/Cameroon2010-32_small.jpeg
Cameroon, 2010
Expeditions/Laos 2011/Laos2011-02_small.jpeg
Laos, 2011
Expeditions/Guyana 2012/Guyana2012-13_small.jpeg
Guyana, 2012
../html/Expeditions/Colombia 2013/Colombia2013-05_small.jpeg
Colombia, 2013
Expeditions/Madagascar 2013/Madagascar2013-12_small.jpeg
Madagascar, 2013
Expeditions/Raja Ampat/RajaAmpat-03_small.jpeg
Raja Ampat, 2013 and 2016
Maluku Utara and Sulawesi Utara, 2014 and 2019
Expeditions/Ubatuba 2014/Ubatuba-05_small.jpeg
Ubatuba, SP, Brazil, 2014
Expeditions/Uganda 2015/Uganda-01_small.jpeg
Rwanda and Uganda, 2015
Expeditions/Mindanao 2015/Mindanao-01_small.jpeg
Mindanao, Philippines, 2015
Expeditions/Taiwan 2016/Taiwan-01_small.jpeg
Taiwan, Republic of China, 2016
Expeditions/Peru 2016/Peru-07_small.jpeg
Iquitos, Peru, 2016
Expeditions/Cameroon 2018/Cameroon2018-09_small.jpeg
Dja Reserve, Cameroon, 2018
Expeditions/FGuyana 2020/FGuyana2020-03_small.jpeg
French Guiana, 2020
Expeditions/Ecuador 2021/Ecuador2021-01_small.jpeg
Ecuador, 2021