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I have been collecting Lepidoptera at least since the age of 10. There were ups and downs, but I never fully quit this hobby. Except for a few gifts from friends, I only collect insects that I capture myself in the wild. For this reason I like to think of myself as a hunter and trapper, not a collector (this is a good moment to read my environmental statement). Right now my collection boasts 5724 unique cataloged specimens from 54 countries, representing 3958 subspecies of 3313 species in 1273 genera, as detailed in the complete holdings list.

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My collection no longer belongs to me. It has officially become part of the millions-strong insect collection of my school ETHZ , in the Department of Environmental Systems Science. For now, I have it on loan in my house, where I can continue working on it in my free time. All specimens are stored pinned and dried in special drawers: almost airtight flat wooden boxes with a foamy bottom to hold the insect pins and a glass top. About 150 of these drawers fill up a dedicated room.

Each specimen has a unique ID tag and a digital counterpart. The latter is a pair of tagged photographs of the recto and verso sides of the set specimen. These digital specimens are stored in "digital drawers" that you are invited to browse by clicking on them below. Unfortunately, most specimens have not been carefully looked at since capture and were only subject to hasty preliminary identification. I am in the process of re-measuring and re-identifying everything. This will take many years. To date, only the following drawers have been updated: Papilionidae, Nymphalidae (partim), Danainae, Heliconiinae, Heliconiini, Biblidinae, Satyrinae (partim), Euptychiina/Pronophilina, Bombycoidea (partim) Saturniidae and Arctiinae. For the rest, please take any identification with extreme caution.

Most recent inventory: 22.10.2023

Papilionoidea (partim) AZ15-0117R.jpeg AZ21-0222R.jpeg

Papilionidae, Hedylidae
Pieridae (partim) AZ14-0171R.jpeg AZ11-0073R.jpeg

Dismorphiinae, Pierinae
Coliadinae AZ14-0177R.jpeg AZ15-0057R.jpeg

Catopsilia, Phoebis, Aphrissa, Anteos, Gonepteryx, Kricogonia, Leucidia, Eurema, Gandaca, Nathalis, Colias, Zerene
Nymphalidae (partim) AZ19-0203R.jpeg AZ17-0040R.jpeg

Libytheinae, Charaxinae, Pseudergolinae, Apaturinae, Cyrestinae
Danainae AZ16-0024R.jpeg AZ19-0193R.jpeg

Danaini, Ithomiini
Heliconiinae AZ15-0282R.jpeg AZ11-0812R.jpeg

Acraeini, Argynnini, Vagrantini
Heliconiini AZ20-0308R.jpeg AZ14-0050R.jpeg

Philaethria, Podotricha, Dione, Agraulis, Dryadula, Dryas, Eueides, Heliconius, Neruda
Biblidinae AZ21-0583V.jpeg AZ20-0489R.jpeg

Biblidini, Epicaliini, Eunicini, Ageroniini, Epiphilini, Eubagini, Callicorini
Nymphalinae AZ12-1000R.jpeg AZ19-0114R.jpeg

Coeini, Nymphalini, Victorinini, Junoniini, Kallimini, Melitaeini
Limenitidinae AZ17-0055R.jpeg AZ18-0115R.jpeg

Parthenini, Cymothoini, Adoliadini, Limenitidini, Pseudoneptini, Pseudacraeini, Neptini
Satyrinae (partim) AZ20-0300R.jpeg AZ14-0079V.jpeg

Morphini, Brassolini, Amathusiini, Elymniini, Haeterini, Melanitini, Zetherini
Satyrini (partim) AZ20-0442R.jpeg AZ17-0037R.jpeg

Parargina, Lethina, Mycalesina, Eritina, Ragadiina, Coenonymphina, Erebiina, Maniolina, Melanargiina, Satyrina, Ypthimina
Euptychiina Pronophilina AZ20-0455R.jpeg AZ17-0027R.jpeg

Euptychiina, Pronophilina
Riodinidae AZ15-0100R.jpeg AZ13-0037R.jpeg

Nemeobiinae,, Riodininae
Lycaenidae (partim) AZ11-0529R.jpeg AZ11-0423R.jpeg

Poritiinae, Miletinae, Curetinae, Theclinae, Aphnaeinae, Lycaeninae
Polyommatinae AZ14-0036V.jpeg AZ15-0201R.jpeg

Lycaenesthini, Polyommatini, Candalidini
Hesperiidae (partim) AZ16-0032R.jpeg AZ11-1345V.jpeg

Eudaminae, Coeliadinae, Pyrginae, Heteropterinae, Trapezitinae
Hesperiinae AZ19-0170R.jpeg AZ13-0140R.jpeg

Ceratrichiini, Gretnini, Erionotini, Moncini, Calpodini, Thymelicini, Hesperiini, Taractrocerini, Baorini, Ancistroidini, Aeromachini, Ampittiini, Anthoptini
Bombycoidea (partim) AZ16-0059R.jpeg AZ12-0667R.jpeg

Apatelodidae, Eupterotidae, Brahmaeidae, Bombycidae, Sphingidae
Saturniidae AZ18-0130R.jpeg AZ20-0301R.jpeg

Agliinae, Arsenurinae, Ceratocampinae, Hemileucinae, Oxyteninae, Saturniinae
Noctuoidea (partim) AZ18-0228R.jpeg AZ16-0122R.jpeg

Noctuidae, Notodontidae, Nolidae, Euteliidae
Erebidae (partim) AZ15-0099R.jpeg AZ13-0317R.jpeg

Tinoliinae, Scoliopteryginae, Pangraptinae, Lymantriinae, Hypocalinae, Herminiinae, Eulepidotinae, Calpinae, Aganainae, Erebinae
Arctiinae AZ14-0257R.jpeg AZ21-0518R.jpeg

Arctiini, Amerilini, Lithosiini, Syntomini
Heterocera AZ20-0303R.jpeg AZ16-0153R.jpeg

Geometroidea, Sesioidea, Calliduloidea, Lasiocampoidea, Zygaenoidea, Cossoidea, Pyraloidea, Yponomeutoidea, Mimallonoidea